What is LunchLottery.de?

You might know this. Your company is too big for all employees to know each other in all departments. Your daily work is characterized by following defined procedures. Innovative ideas or urgent issues cannot be managed in time or even at all. You heavily rely on e-mail communication. Wouldn't it be more effective if more employess would know each other on a more personal basis?

This is where LunchLottery.de jumps in and helps you. It connects your top managers, talents or specialist - at an informal lunchdate. The personal talk between your employees creates mutual trust and comprehension. This saves time in urgent situations and, hence, costs. This can bring you the eventual competitive advantage.

How are lunchdates drawn?

Both you as a company and each individual employee define the conditions for a lunchdate. Criteria as location or division and individual time periods between two lunchdates belong to these settings. LunchLottery.de will verify those settings while drawing lunchdates and selects three employees among all potential candidates for a joint lunch. Of course, we take care that two individual employees do not meet twice within twelve months.

How do employees get to know about lunchdates?

Each employee will be notified by e-mail about a new lunchdate. It is not required to visit our website in order to learn about drawings. Of course, each employee finds his past lunchdates at our website, too. This enables him or her to find out the contact details of those persons that were on his or her lunchdates before.

Is my data secure?

Our service is delivered by full implementation of German privacy law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz). Both, data austerity and full control of your own data belong to this policy. We do not save any hidden data about you or your employees. All data that we have about you can be seen online at our website. We will fully delete all data in case any of your employees should decide to remove his account with us. Neither our administrators nor past lunch partners will then be able to see this data again.

We solely deliver our services from German data centers and use a secure TLS encryption for the complete website traffic.

Can I control as a company who is allowed to register?

Of course, we implemented various strategies how your employees register with us and how you can verify their accounts. We are happy to fully support you in this matter.

I want to save individual data in employee accounts.

During configuration, we will jointly define which information must be given by employees when registering with us.

Can I use a company-owned internet address, e.g. lunchlottery.my-company.com?

Yes. We are able to serve individual internet addresses of your company - assuming your IT department supports this setup. We will be happy to deliver more information and support.

Can I adopt my company layout and colors at this website to comply to corporate identity policy?

Yes, we do support your branding. Images, colors and icons can be adjusted according to your contract and your policies.